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Real Estate Development
Province House Apartments
Boardman, Ohio
Nestled between the Forest Glen Historical District and Millcreek Park in Boardman Township, our uniquely styled apartment complex offers our tenants a quiet setting in the kind of housing that they love to call home.
The exterior design leans towards traditional to blend harmoniously with the neighboring historical district but stands over and above neighboring apartment complexes.  All units have their own first and second floor lending to the warmth and feel of traditional housing.   Each apartment features a wood-burning fireplace and its own private patio.
Our well-maintained apartments provide affordable housing to all its residents.  Our day-to-day attention assures our "little family" a peaceful and relaxing environment.
Proposed Pocket Neighborhood
 Hudson, Ohio

New to Hudson, this pocket neighborhood is the latest trend that is starting to emerge across the US.  A smaller scale community is created within a larger community and is designed for interaction among the neighbors. 


Located in close proximity to the town center, one is able to easily walk or bike to the many surrounding stores, restaurants, and events.  The design of the homes reflects the quaint, traditional architecture found throughout Hudson. 


The floor plan is favorable to all ages - from starters, to young families, and even to empty-nesters.  The main level has all the accommodations necessary to live comfortably and is complete with a master bedroom suite.  The second floor provides two additional bedrooms and another full bath.


Luxury Condo Concept

This luxury condominium building was designed for empty nesters who wanted to have all the luxuries and lifestyle of their single family home but with all the conveniences of  condominium living.

Retail Storefront & Housing

This architectural design is ideal for urban settings in walkable communities.  The street level houses retail storefronts while the second level provides urban living.   Parking for the stores and the housing is found in the rear of the building with access being a private drive-through between the buildings. 


The two structures are connected at the second-story level portraying a more intimate setting of the overall design.  This particular set of plans was designed for two storefronts and four apartments - 2 two-bedroom units and 2 one-bedroom units.

Urban Infill Concept

Utilizing deep narrow lots in a downtown area can be accomplished in an attractive, inviting way. Shown here is one such concept featuring an atrium walkway leading to an interior courtyard. Each side of the building features restaurant or retail space that leads to the upper levels where those spaces can be used for live/work units.  The spaces behind the front spaces on the main levels can be used for additional retail stores or offices spaces.


Underground parking is provided for the use of the tenants and to service the stores. The style of architecture mimics the style of neighboring buildings of an historic downtown but with a fresh new lively approach to attract residents back to the city.

Lakefront Site Plan Concept

This lake site was conceived to be transformed into a beautiful community development nestled among dense woods on the shores of the lake. Natural elements were incorporated in the site plan design while the homes were designed to be multi-generational homes to serve the needs of many. The development becomes a new neighborhood within the larger context of the community.

Mid-Rise Condo Project
Youngstown, Ohio

The concept for a mid-rise condo project was designed to be built on an urban lot in a traditional neighborhood. It incorporates underground parking and features a variety of luxurious apartments all centered around an interior four-story atrium commons area.

Park Place
1st All New  Condominium Development in Mahoning County
Boardman, Ohio

Nestled among the trees, Park Place homes are clustered into a series of mini-villages and placed in a manner to enjoy the best site orientation possible.  Taking advantage of the natural terrain, providing pleasing views, and offering maximum privacy is what a Park Place home is all about.


Inside our homes, you'll find such details as six panel doors, fireplaces with carved wooden mantels, turned baluster railings, and much more. 

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