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Residential Projects

Private Residence
Poland, Ohio

The center core of this renovation/addition is a historical home known as the Augdon House.  It was originally located within Poland Village but moved to its current location.  The original home was expanded on each side increasing it to a 4,280 sq ft home.  


The traditional architecture matches other homes on the street giving the impression that it was a part of the original historic neighborhood.  

Williamsburg Residence
Canfield, Ohio

This 25,000 sq ft custom home was built to resemble homes built in the Williamsburg, Virginia area.  At the rear of the main structure are two separate smaller buildings that connect to the back of the main home.  To connect the buildings to one another, an enclosed interior hallway of windows was used.  The building located at the farthest point from the main home is the garage to the home.  It too is connected with an enclosed interior hallway of windows.


Throughout the interior design, numerous architectural details of the period were incorporated and achieved with the utmost sophistication and elegance.  The design of this home is the most authentic Williamsburg home ever recreated.

Private Historic Residence
Poland, Ohio

This historic home is one of the oldest located with the Village of Poland.  The interior has been completely renovated bringing the home back to its original historic charm and features sophisticated architectural details. 


The second phase of the renovation focused on the exterior, specifically linking the exterior of the main home to the out-kitchen.  An attractive enclosed patio area bridges these two building while preserving the overall historic look.


The third phase included the restoration of the magnificent historic carriage house.


Private Lakefront Residence
Poland, Ohio

The Lake Evans residence was designed to be a blend of traditional styling with a contemporary, rusticated stone and brick facade. 


While the front of the house appears as a one story ranch, the back is a glass curtain wall soaring over two stories to take advantage of the sloping lot and the  gorgeous lake view. 


The house explodes with light and every room opens to views of the lake. The design centers around a two-story semi-recessed outdoor covered veranda for privacy while also projecting beyond the rear of the house for uninterrupted views of the lake in all directions. 


Historic Restoration
New Wilmington, PA

This home was originally designed by Architect Ernest Flagg in 1921.  At the turn of the century, he was one of this country's foremost architects. One of his most notable commissions was the design of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.


This is the only home he designed west of the Allegheny Mountains and is located in New Wilmington, PA.  Before the home was restored and to stay true to the architect's vision, we read and studied his book he wrote titled "Small House, their Economic Design and Construction" written in 1921. Two of his most destinctive design elements he uses throughout all of his home are the lowness of the external stone walls and ridge dormers, which are to aid in ventilation and light in the interior spaces.

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