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"What sheer joy these buildings are!  I feel almost jealous that I don't have the chance more often to simply enjoy them for what they are."

Carlton A. Sears, Former Library Director


"I consider it remarkable that the company not only attended to our complete needs during the project, but also continued to work with contractors post project to assure the satisfaction with all aspects of the work."

The Honorable C. Ashley Pike, Columbiana County Common Pleas Court


"The Mastriana brothers of 4M Company have put their hearts and souls into the completion of their tasks.  I am proud to work with this company."

John G. (Jerry) Johnson, Mercer County Courthouse Preservation Committee Chairperson


"Mr. Mastriana is without question very passionate about and becomes deeply immersed in his work.  He is always seeking alternate ways of saving money without compromising the integrity of the design.  He also pays strict attention to the smallest detail - The Beauty is in the detail."

Daniel N. Slagle Jr, Executive Director/Clerk, Boardman Twp Park District


"Mr. Mastriana is an outstanding team player.  He is able to get all the parties to work together."

Robert L. Zorn, Former Superintendent of Poland Schools


"I appreciated the personal attention you gave as the architect by coming out to the site often, and even coming to the site on Sunday to choose the right color scheme."

Donald E. Robinson, Principal, Robinwood Lane Elementary School, Boardman

Mercer County, PA Courthouse 

Poland, OH Library 

A Heartfelt Thank You from a Mercer County Commissioner

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